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Medicare Enrollment Periods

When you qualify for Medicare, it’s important to know the enrollment periods so you can access available benefits. In the same way that you mark the calendar with birthdays and doctor appointments, it’s smart to set a reminder so you don’t miss the annual enrollment period for a Medicare plan.


Missing the right time to enroll means that you could face penalties for late enrollment or a delay in coverage. Not only do you save money by signing up for Medicare at the right time, but it also saves time.

Initial Medicare Enrollment

Turning 65 means that you can sign up for a Medicare plan if desired

You have seven months for this initial enrollment. This enrollment period is based on your birthday month when you turn 65, starting three months before that month, through the month of your birthday, and ending three months after your birthday month.

During this initial enrollment period, you can enroll in:

When you’re first eligible, if you don’t sign up for Medicare Parts A, B, or D, then it’s possible you might encounter penalties that increase your premiums.

Open Enrollment for Medicare Supplemental Plans

Starting the first day of the month you turn 65, you have a six-month enrollment period to sign up for supplemental coverage. You must be signed up for Medicare Part B to access a supplemental plan.

Failing to sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan during this time means that you might not be able to buy a supplement plan without a guaranteed issue right.

Annual Enrollment

Between October 15 and December 7 each year, anyone can enroll in a Medicare plan or change their coverage. This new coverage begins on January 1st.

If you are satisfied with current Medicare coverage, then it’s common for this plan to continue in the new year. But you should talk to your insurance agent to ensure that your plan will renew automatically on January 1st.

General Medicare Enrollment

Signing up at the beginning of a year means that your coverage begins on July 1st. Also, this signup period might make you subject to penalties. Both Medicare Part A and Part B are available at the beginning of each year, between January 1st and March 31st if you meet these conditions:

You didn’t sign up during your initial eligibility period

You don’t meet eligibility requirements for Special Enrollment Periods

Special Enrollment Periods

There are times when you can join, stop, or switch a Medicare Advantage plan outside of the normal enrollment periods:

Moving Out of the Service Area

If you are moving to a location outside of your service area, then you can switch the plan two months before or two months after the move.

Losing Current Coverage

An example of losing current coverage is if you leave a place of employment and no longer have coverage through your employer. You have a two-month enrollment period to sign up after losing your coverage.

Open Enrollment for Medicare Advantage

Each year, this enrollment period runs from January 1 to March 31. During this time, if you are already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, then you can make a one-time election to move to Original Medicare or a different Medicare Advantage plan.

The new coverage begins in the following month. These Medicare Advantage plans are only available through private insurers.

Personalized Recommendations from an Experienced Agent

The best way to stay current with Medicare enrollment periods is by maintaining contact with your insurance agent. If you have questions about windows when you can sign up, then our team is here to help. Contact us at any time!

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