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Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Did you know that Original Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of prescription medications? Most people choose to supplement their healthcare coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Part D prescription coverage plan.


This coverage is available to everyone who has Medicare, but it is optional coverage. Even if you aren’t currently taking prescription medications, it’s smart to get Medicare drug coverage so you have access to the benefits when they are needed in the future.

How to Get Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

There are two ways you can get the drug coverage you need:

Medicare Drug Plans

Part D plans add prescription drug coverage to your Original Medicare or private Medicare services. To qualify to sign up for a separate Part D plan, you must have Medicare Part A and/ or Medicare Part B.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Signing up for a Part C Medicare plan often gives you access to prescription drug coverage. This plan includes Part A, Part B, and Part C in one Advantage plan.

Keep in mind that skipping drug coverage when you are first eligible means that you might pay a late enrollment penalty if you join a Part D plan later.

What Medicare plan fits your unique needs?

Your Options for Prescription Coverage

Talk to a Licensed insurance agent to learn how prescription drug coverage works with your other Medicare plans. For example, certain Medicare Advantage Plans could be disenrolled if you join a separate drug plan. It’s important to consider all coverage options before changing your current coverage or signing up for a new plan. If you have questions, contact our experienced team to find the right coverage for your needs.

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