Presley General Insurance Agency


Important information for our agents and agencies.

Questions about Marketing

How do I order Marketing materials??

Questions about Contracting/Certification

I’m contracted with PGIA, what’s next??

How do I get certified for ____?

What carriers am I contracted/certified with?

What is my ID#?

Questions About My Members

How can I export my book of business?

How do I access my commission reports?

Are my members still active on their plan?

General Questions

How do I gain access to the iES (intuitive Enrollment System)?

Why does the portal log me out?

Event Questions

How do I get plugged into events?

Is there a lead charge for the leads I collect at my event?

How do I get promotional giveaways?

How do I submit an event?

Who do I contact in case of an emergency during an event?

How far in advance do I need to report my event?

Does my event need to be reported?