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Does Medicare Pay for Nursing Home Stays?

At some point, many retirees need nursing home care for some period of time. While Medicare might cover brief stays in a rehabilitative facility, it generally does not cover long-term…

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5 Ways to Gather New Medicare Leads

In order to sell Medicare policies, you first need contact with fresh leads. But how do you gather quality, motivated leads from your target demographic? No, you don’t have to…

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Two Great Reasons to Track Your Medical Expenses

Medical expenses have been climbing for everyone, but they hit retirees harder than most. That’s because most retirees are living on a fixed income, so their out-of-pocket costs take a…

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Should You Sign Up for Medicare if You’re Still Working?

You probably know that you’re supposed to enroll in a Medicare plan when you turn 65 years old. But what if you’re still working, and covered by an employer’s group…

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