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6 Things to Know About Medicare Drug Coverage

You know that a Medicare Part D plan can help you to manage your prescription drug costs. But with a variety of different plans on the market, how do you…

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7 Ways to Use Email to Market to Medicare Clients

If you want to reach out to each member of your target demographic, delivering messages that help to further your relationship with them, email is the way to go. Today,…

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Turning 65? Three Things You Must Do This Year

If you’re turning 65 soon, chances are good that you’ve reached the last stages of retirement planning. Some of you might have even retired already, but turning 65 is still…

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Managing Your Prescription Drug Costs

Out-of-pocket medical costs often surprise retirees, who previously assumed Medicare would cover everything they would need. But in particular, it’s the cost of prescription drugs that dismays so many. Unfortunately,…

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