7 Ways to Use Email to Market to Medicare Clients

If you want to reach out to each member of your target demographic, delivering messages that help to further your relationship with them, email is the way to go. Today, most of the Medicare demographic are actively using the internet, and they check their email at least daily. Email feels the most natural to them, as it mimics snail mail, and most of the over-65 crowd feel enthusiastic about this form of communication.

As a bonus, email communication allows you to craft messages that can be delivered to all of your contacts instantly. Once you’ve created high-quality emails, you can use them with as many new contacts as you can attract. But as with all types of marketing, there are “best practices” that you should follow, such as…

Consistency. Make sure your tone and style remains consistent across every email, so that your audience can get to know you.

Regularity. Email your audience on a regular, predictable basis. Too much can overwhelm them and lead to them feeling pushed or nagged. Too little, and you neglect the relationship. In general, emailing contacts once per week seems to strike the right balance.

Simplicity. Choose a clear, readable format for yoru emails. Keep your messages concise and to the point (a few hundred words or so).

Provide value. Your emails should provide valuable information that is relevant to lives of your contacts. Plus, if you use email messages to educate your audience about their Medicare options, leads arrive at your office (or on the phone) ready to make a decision.

Add a call to action. Your contacts will appreciate your messages, but often need a little push to take action. You might be surprised at how effective a simple “call to action” can be! Ask your contacts to call you for an appointment, and many of them will follow through.

Continually update your contacts list. Continue to pull in new contacts via your website (with a contact form on a landing page) and gather email addresses in-person marketing opportunities as well. Email marketing is most effective when you’re consistently reaching the right audience.

Get professional help. Choosing topics, writing messages, scheduling emails, and managing your contact database is a lot of work. Let the pros handle that for you, so that your email marketing campaign is a top notch one. We can help with that! Get in touch with us to learn more about our marketing program for insurance brokers.

Posted by PGIA
2 years ago / February 15, 2022