3 Best Practices for Marketing to Medicare Clients

These days, even Baby Boomers are spending a lot of time online! The pandemic changed a lot about how we live, including staying home more, the explosion of telemedicine, and socializing on the internet. Many of us, even the older crowd, are joining online exercise classes and video chatting with friends… So you better believe people are shopping for a Medicare plan online, too!

For an insurance agent who specializes in Medicare plans, this environment is ripe with opportunity. The following three strategies can help you reach your Medicare clients online, and boost your sales rate.

Use your blogs to educate potential clients. Publishing informative blogs on your website will help to pull in more of your target demographic, who are online looking for answers to their questions about Medicare. By the time they arrive at your office for an appointment, or call you for a virtual consultation, these prospects will be well educated on their options. They’re primed to make a decision, and all you have to do is help them identify the plan they want.

Reach out directly via email. These days, nearly everyone checks their email daily, if not multiple times per day. Email is often the best way to reach out directly to your contacts, get their attention, and most importantly, keep their attention. When you reach out this way multiple times, you remain “top of mind” for your contacts. After demonstrating your knowledge and care for their needs, who do you think they will call when it’s time to select a Medicare plan?

Harness the power of social media. Almost all of us participate on social media these days. By posting links to your blogs, you can drive traffic to your website. Consider running Facebook ads to drive traffic to a landing page, which you use to gather contact information. And use your online presence to build rapport with your followers; everyone prefers to do business with a friendly face.

Yes, digital marketing is a whole other thing to learn. But help is available. Get in touch with us about our all-inclusive marketing program for the Medicare demographic, and we’ll help you access all the tools you need to succeed.

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2 years ago / April 26, 2022

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