3 Digital Marketing Tips Insurance Brokers Need to Know

Digital marketing will help you reach you target audience online, opening up a world of opportunity to you. But like anything else, digital marketing is a tool that must be used correctly in order to reap its full potential. If you’re an insurance broker marketing your services online, here are three essential tips you need to know.

Narrow your focus and define your demographic. Before marketing any insurance product or service, ask yourself who is your target demographic. Understanding your audience will help you to gear content directly toward them. For example, if you’re focusing on Medicare sales, you want to generate content that appeals to the over-65 crowd. And you need to know where to find them online.

Create a Google strategy. You can be certain that potential customers are going to utilize Google, the world’s leading search engine, to search for information about you and your insurance products. Conduct research on the keywords your target demographic uses to search for information on the products you sell, along with how they look for insurance brokers in general. Make sure your website shows up high in the search results for those terms, and you will attract more attention online.

Maintain a social media presence. These days, social media has become a leading networking opportunity for professionals of all types. Facebook and other platforms allow your potential customers to research you, get to know you, and learn more about the service you offer. Utilize social media to demonstrate your professionalism and attract new leads, but remember that social media is a strategy unlike any other. Make sure you understand how your chosen platform works and take advantage of all the tools offered to reap maximum results.

Building an online reputation is essential to doing business these days. But because digital marketing has its own set of rules and best practices, we definitely recommend that you seek professional assistance. Give us a call to discuss the marketing packages we provide, and we’ll help you learn how it works. When we handle the marketing, you can get back to doing what you do best – matching leads with the insurance products that best protect them.

Posted by PGIA
2 years ago / June 28, 2022

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