5 Things Agents Should Know About Medicare Beneficiaries

For those who work in sales, knowing your demographic is everything. If you specialize in Medicare plans, learning up-to-date facts about the over-65 crowd can help you find success. Here’s what you need to know about seniors today.

One-third of Medicare enrollees have chosen a Medicare Advantage plan. As of 2019, Medicare included 61 million beneficiaries. About 22 million, or one third of them, had elected a Medicare Advantage plan. That leaves about two-thirds of beneficiaries still enrolled in Original Medicare… and they might be interested in learning about other options.

Nearly half of Medicare beneficiaries do not review or change their plans. According to the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey, almost half – 45 percent – of Medicare enrollees do not regularly review their plans. And around 35 percent believe that taking this step is too difficult. This presents an enormous opportunity for insurance specialists to demonstrate the comparing options can be simple and convenient!

Seniors spend 11 hours per week on smartphones, and 5 hours per week on tablets. Most of this time is spent gathering information on topics of relevance, rather than on entertainment. Medicare specialists could harness this opportunity to present helpful information to their target demographic.

Forty percent of adults over 65 use at least one social media site. Incorporating social media into an overall digital marketing strategy would be a wise idea for those looking to contact this group. In 2019, 38 percent of seniors were using YouTube and 46 percent used Facebook.

Seniors who use the internet are engaged. Once online, 75 percent of seniors use the internet daily, and 51 percent say that they’re online more than once per day. A consistent and dependable digital marketing effort is the best way to get through to them.

Over time, we can expect these trends to continue. Once adopted, technology use rarely wanes! Those working in the field of Medicare insurance are wise to pay attention to their target demographic, learn their habits and preferences, and start marketing to them accordingly. For more information on a comprehensive digital marketing plan, contact us and we’ll explain how our system works.


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3 years ago / September 7, 2021

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