6 Ways for Health Insurance Agents to Revamp Their Email Marketing Strategy

You know that staying on top of trends, and incoporating them into your marketing strategy, will help you continue to reach your target audience. And while email marketing is certainly nothing new, the ways in which we approach our strategy can change over time. So in response to recent trends in email marketing, make sure to update your practices with these six hot tips.

Tell a story. Email marketing can, and should, go beyond simple informational newsletters. Use email to send “bites” of information, rather than serving up the whole meal all at once. Tell a story that keeps readers clicking in for more.

Personalize your emails. Internet users have gotten savvy to the mass-produced, “form letter” type of email marketing. Tweak your messages to include more personalized information, so that they understand you’re speaking directly to them. And of course, it never hurts to address someone by name.

Make your messages interactive. Readers stay more engaged with content that allows, or even requires, their participation. Embed video in your mails, link to outside sources for more detailed information, throw in a few graphics, or include surveys that request participation. Readers will feel more involved in the process, and you will hold their attention longer.

Recruit the right contacts. You would think that sending more emails would result in more sales, but that is only true to the extent that you’re emailing the right individuals. Separate your email database based on consumer interest, and send targeted emails to the right audience(s). For example, there is no need to send Medicare marketing emails to recipients in their forties. Make sure your email lists reflect specific, targeted goals.

Email frequency. How often should you email your contacts? We typically recommended weekly emails. This is enough contact to stay “top of mind”, but not so much that you overwhelm or annoy your audience.

Automated or “drip” campaigns. The great thing about automated, or “drip” campaigns is that you create content and set it up once. Then, the campaign runs on its own, each time a new participant triggers the process. The series of emails gradually nurtures a lead until they are ready to make a decision, and the result is phone calls or appointments from leads who are ready to make a purchase decision.

To learn more about these email marketing practices, and how to incorporate them into your overall strategy, give us a call. We can help you put together a targeted drip email campaign that delivers nurtured leads right to your front door.

Posted by PGIA
2 years ago / January 26, 2022