Agents: How to Stay Productive Outside of AEP

For insurance agents who sell Medicare plans, the Annual Election Period can feel like sprinting through a marathon. But during the rest of the year, everything shifts back to an easier pace. You deserve some down time, but don’t overlook opportunities at this time, either. Now is the perfect chance to evaluate your strategies, revamp your work life, and set new goals for next year’s AEP.

Take inventory. Gaining (and even losing) sales can be a learning experience. Take stock of what worked, and didn’t work, right now while the information is fresh in your mind. How did you attract your best leads? What tactics earned you the most enrollments? What feedback did you receive from clients? What did they value about the plan that they chose? What information helped them to make a decision? Analyze your referrals; where did they come from, and why?

As you learn about what works and doesn’t work for your targeted clientele, you can hone your strategy. Next year’s AEP will be even better.

Identify areas for improvement. Did you experience any struggles or frustrations during this year’s AEP? Examine areas of your work life such as time management, social media engagement, use of technology, and scheduling conflicts. During the “off season” you can work on logistical strategies to address any problems you might have experienced.

Consider building upon your career trajectory. Was your marketing on point, bringing you quality leads, or do you feel a change is in order? What can you do differently to reach a wider section of your target demographic?

What about the carriers that you represent? Did you (or more importantly, your clients) feel limited by the options? Did you receive the appropriate communication and support that you expected? If you need to expand your horizons, now is the time to get started.

Want to make this year’s Annual Election Period even better than last year’s? We can help you identify needs and fill in any gaps, so that you have the tools to succeed. Contact us to learn how you can reach new heights in your career.

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3 years ago / June 16, 2021

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