Does Medicare Offer Dental and Vision Coverage?

Once you claim your Medicare benefits (usually at age 65), you might expect that it will cover everything you need with regard to healthcare. Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly true. Medicare coverage can vary according to the type of plan you choose, and sometimes you might have to pay out of pocket for certain services (or purchase a separate insurance plan for those). Dental and vision care are often of particular concern to Medicare beneficiaries. You might be wondering, “Does Medicare offer dental and vision coverage?”

Original Medicare, or Medicare Parts A and B, does not offer coverage for dental and vision services in the vast majority of circumstances. Medicare Part A does cover all medically necessary services received in the hospital, but this is not the usual setting for dental or vision care. Those who enroll in Original Medicare should plan to pay for dental and vision services out of pocket, or investigate supplemental plans for that type of care.

Medicare Advantage plans, also called Part C, sometimes offer dental and vision care as part of their comprehensive package offerings. These plans roll Part A and Part B into one plan, and often include Part D (prescription drugs) as well. Some Advantage plans also cover dental and vision services, although this can vary from one plan to the next. It’s important to work closely with a licensed insurance agent who is familiar with plan offerings, so that you can understand what types of coverage you can access in your area.

Some beneficiaries opt to enroll in a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan, also called Medigap, which helps to manage out of pocket expenses. These plans help to pay expenses such as copayments and deductibles, and sometimes offer dental and vision services as well. Alternately, the plan might provide a discount program for dental and vision.

You are right to be concerned about dental and vision coverage, because these services can be important to staying healthy and living a fulfilling life. Attending regular preventive appointments can help you to ward off larger problems that become more expensive later. Call our one of our licensed agents to discuss your concerns, and we can help you locate a Medicare plan that includes dental and vision, if one is available in your area.




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3 years ago / February 16, 2021

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