9 Facebook Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

Much of your interaction with clients focuses on the bottom of the sales funnel. They call you up, explain their health insurance needs, and you help them locate a policy that suits them. But how do they even hear about you? And why do they choose to call you, over any other insurance agent? That’s what marketing is for, and Facebook can be a powerful part of that process.

With billions of active, daily users, Facebook offers enormous potential for expanding the top of your sales funnel and then moving more prospects through it. But because marketing yourself on Facebook can seem a tad overwhelming, it helps to break down the process into simple steps.

Brand yourself. Before you even get started, make sure to brand yourself with a logo so that you’re easily recognizable across any online platform.

Set up a business page. Don’t use your private Facebook account! A separate business page looks much more professional.

Use your page to share relevant information. Think about the type of information your clients want to see on Facebook, and use your page to provide that to them. This might include links to relevant news articles, the latest stats, informative videos, or your own blogs.

Investigate after posting. Don’t just post on your business page; use the analytic area of the page to learn which types of posts resonate most with your audience. When you notice a trend of a certain type of content receiving more likes and shares, adjust your methods to include more of those.

Make communication a two-way street. Simply posting on a frequent basis will get you into more news feeds, but you’ll still just be a name behind a screen. Make sure to reply to comments and interact with your audience to humanize yourself.

Schedule posts consistently. Your audience will come to rely on you for relevant information if you become a consistent presence in their news feeds. Schedule your posts on a calendar, just as you would any other important business activity, so that you can be sure to post regularly.

Considering boosting your posts. Because of how Facebook algorithms work, all of your followers won’t see all of your posts. But for a small fee you can “boost” posts so that they reach a wider audience.

Use targeted ads. The great thing about Facebook is that they’ve already gathered plenty of demographic information on your audience. Tap into this potential by using Facebook ads to reach out more often, to the exact customer you’re trying to reach.

Use calls to action. You will be amazed at the impact of a little clearly-worded direction to your followers. Ask them to like, share, or follow you, and your post interactions will increase dramatically.

And of course, professional guidance is always key when learning a new practice. Get in touch with us to learn more about our digital marketing systems, and we will help you learn how to grow your leads on social media.



Posted by PGIA
2 years ago / March 23, 2022

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