How Insurance Agents Can Market Their Medicare Services

Once an agent has become certified to sell Medicare plans, the next challenge begins. How do they access their target demographic, so that they can begin providing this invaluable service? The answer lies in marketing. As agents increase public awareness of their services, Medicare beneficiaries will seek them out for answers to their most pressing questions.

And as we know, the market for assistance with Medicare plans is quite large! Once we reach age 65, nearly all Americans are eligible for Medicare. That amounts to millions of new potential customers each year. Agents can identify and reach out to them through a variety of marketing methods, both old fashioned and cutting edge.

Identify leads through event opportunities. Online and in-person events allow agents to network with individuals who need information on Medicare plans. Making these connections can not only lead to new business directly; the connections will multiply through referrals to family and friends. At PGIA we work to stay active by scheduling events throughout the year. All of these lead programs are available to our affiliated agents.

Network with professionals in the field. We also believe in maintaining friendly working relationships with doctors, medical groups, and healthcare facilities. When a group of people dedicate themselves to excellent service, everyone benefits.

Digital marketing. Digital marketing is essential today, as more and more consumers spend a large portion of their days online. Insurance professionals need:

  • a website to represent themselves online
  • email newsletters
  • regular blog posts
  • a social media presence (and quality content to post on those platforms)

While digital marketing presents and entirely new field of challenges, there is no need for agents to burden themselves with learning and building everything from scratch.  We assist our affiliated agents with these tasks and provide digital content to help them succeed.

Physical marketing materials. Of course, the “old fashioned” way of doing things still works, too. When agents become certified to sell Medicare plans, we help them out with personalized marketing materials such as brochures and banners.

Yes, marketing requires some investment, but the end result is worth the effort. With Baby Boomers now reaching retirement age, Medicare insurance is a “booming” field! For more information on becoming certified to sell Medicare plans, contact us to learn more about this promising career change.


Posted by PGIA
3 years ago / April 5, 2021

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