9 Ways for Insurance Agents to Market on Facebook

Once your phone rings, you know how to match a potential client with the right Medicare plan for their situation. But what comes before that phone rings? Where do you find your leads?

Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool for almost any professional. With over 2.7 billion daily users, you’re sure to locate your target demographic on the massive social media platform. In fact, marketing yourself this way can even seem a bit overwhelming to the beginner. These nine tips can get you started, and help you make the most of your marketing efforts on Facebook.

Create a consistent look for your brand. Use a professional logo for all of your marketing materials as well as your Facebook profile.

Build a separate business page. Avoid using your personal account, which won’t look professional. Fill out all relevant sections of the business page so that it appears complete and legitimate. And while you’re at it, lock down your personal profile so that personal information and posts don’t show; you never know what some people consider offensive or unprofessional.

Keep your audience informed. Post links to your blog articles, relevant news, infographics, or videos to your business page. By consistently offering your audience the information they want to see, you can boost your following and engagement.

Experiment. Try different types of content in order to discover which posts appeal most to your target demographic. There’s no need to post about Medicare all the time, since most people would probably find that boring. Share news about retirement, healthcare, health awareness, and other topics that are relevant to the over-65 crowd, and then tie it in with your insurance expertise.

Boost some posts. Normally, the Facebook algorithm will only show your posts to a small number of your followers. For a small fee you can “boost” posts which will place them into more newsfeeds of your followers and even non-followers.

Schedule your posts. Social media marketing is all about consistency. Schedule your posts to drip throughout the month, so that you always stay “top of mind” for your followers.

Target your ads. Facebook has done all of the demographic research for you. Take advantage of these easy advertisement opportunities, and create ads that target your ideal customer. This can be a great way to promote any lead-capture freebies that you’re promoting on your own website.

Communicate with your audience. Social media isn’t all about shouting into a void; it’s also about listening. If you post constantly but never reply, you could come off as boring or self-interested. Make sure you reply to questions and thank your audience for their participation on your posts.

Include a call to action. Most people need a subtle push in order to take the desired action. Tell your followers to “call me if you have any questions” or “use our online form to schedule an appointment”.

Yes, it sounds like a lot, but take these steps one at a time. And if you need help, call us to discuss our comprehensive marketing plans that do most of the work for you!



Posted by PGIA
3 years ago / July 14, 2021

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