Life Events That May Require You to Reevaluate Your Health Insurance Options

Your health insurance plan will work best when it matches your family’s needs. But needs sometimes change over time, and even abruptly on occasion. So what do you do when that happens? Depending on the circumstances, you might qualify to make chances to your health insurance plan, even though you’re outside of the normal enrollment period.

If you experience a change that falls in one of these categories, you might need to reconsider your health insurance options:

  • Changes in your household – such as the birth or adoption of a new baby, getting married or divorced, or a death in the family
  • Change of residence – you move to a different zip code or county, a student moves to or from school, moving into a shelter or other transitional housing, or you’re a migrant worker who has changed locations
  • Loss of your existing coverage – you lose coverage due to job loss or some other reason, you’re no longer eligible for Medicaid or Medicare, or you turn 26 and age out of your parent’s healthcare plan
  • A change in your income, that affects the plans for which you are eligible
  • You become a US citizen
  • You leave jail
  • You’re an AmeriCorps member, either beginning or ending your service
  • You become a member of a federally recognized tribe, or gain status through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA)

Certain other, very specific and unusual situations, might also make you eligible for a change in status of your health insurance options.

If you experience one of these events, you can qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. You will be able to compare different health insurance plans available to you, based on your residence and income, and change to a plan that better suits your new circumstances. We can help with this process. Just call to speak with one of our licensed health insurance agents to see if you qualify for this opportunity. Together we will explore your options.


Posted by PGIA
1 year ago / February 8, 2023

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