New Regulations Established for Medicare Sales Calls

As a Medicare beneficiary, you can seek free assistance while choosing a Medicare plan, often by speaking with a broker on the phone. But how do you know that your best interests are protected, and that the person with whom you’re speaking will present accurate information to you? After all, it might be difficult to check a person’s credentials over the phone. That’s the purpose of new Medicare regulations that require all brokers to record their phone calls with you.

Because certain advertisements were found to be deceptive, Medicare wants to protect all beneficiaries by requiring phone calls to be recorded. This way, you can feel assured that the broker with whom you speak is following the rules and that all sales-related information is monitored for accuracy.

The new regulation is simple: The entire phone call must be recorded, from the time that the broker notifies you of such. And they must notify you, using this language, within the first minute of the phone call:

“I/We do not offer every plan available in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all your options.”

When communication occurs online, via email or online chat, this written disclaimer must be offered to you upfront in the conversation. On broker websites, the same language must be displayed in a prominent place.

Finally, the disclaimer must be included within all third-party marketing materials and television advertisements.

If you don’t hear or view the above disclaimer, that would be a red flag for potential fraudulent activity, as that broker is not following regulations appropriately. You should avoid enrolling in a Medicare plan with any questionable brokers, and look for a reputable professional who follows all regulations to the letter.

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2 years ago / November 8, 2022

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