The Benefit Your Employees Need Now More Than Ever

As an employer, you know that motivated, productive, and happy employees are the backbone of your business. That’s one of the reasons a healthcare plan is so important. But there’s one benefit that is often overlooked, and yet is becoming more important than ever in the post-pandemic era.

As millions of employees switched over to remote work, one surprising consequnce happened for many. Even though workers report numerous perks to working from home, and many even prefer it, there are also some drawbacks. The lost social contact that they would normally enjoy through the office setting has led to loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

Lack of mental health care affects not only employees, but also employers. Symptoms of anxiety and depression, for example, can range from lack of motivation, to impaired memory and concentration, to lost productivity. Employers know that motivated and productive employees are their number one resource, and that’s why we take care of them with a comprehensive benefits package.

These days, lack of mental health benefits can equate to lowered company loyalty. According to Mercer’s 2021 Health on Demand report, 44 percent of employees say that they would feel unsupported by an employer that does not offer mental health services. The same report also found that 42 percent of workers said that they would be more likely stick with a job that offered mental health benefits.

Those services can range from paid, one-on-one counseling, to employee training sessions on topics like stress management. For each individual company, there is a mix of benefit options that are a good fit for your employees. To promote a healthy workplace and show your workers that you value them, call one of our group benefits specialists to discuss adding mental health services to your menu of benefits. We can help you assess the options availble to you, and decide upon services that provide for your needs.

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2 years ago / May 11, 2022

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