The Benefits of Using a Broker for Your Medicare Coverage

You probably assume that when you turn 65, you will simply enroll in Medicare and be done with it. But actually, you will confront a variety of choices such as Original Medicare versus Medicare Advantage, comparing different Advantage plans, whether to add a Medigap plan, and much more. That “simple” enrollment quickly becomes quite complex!

Plus, in addition to your initial enrollment, you actually have the ability to change your plan each year. While sorting through your options can feel a bit overwhelming, it’s important to identify opportunities to save money and access the right care for your needs. And as we all know, healthcare needs and budgets can change over time.

But you don’t have to navigate this maze of decisions by yourself.  You have the right to obtain free, personal service from an insurance broker, who will guide you through this process. You should definitely take advantage of this opportunity, because…

  • You want to keep your healthcare bills manageable for your budget
  • You want to obtain the best healthcare for your situation
  • You want to understand your plan’s coverage and limitations
  • You don’t want to encounter any billing surprises
  • You want to understand crucial time windows of coverage, so that you can take full advantage of your plan’s benefits
  • You don’t want to experience the dismay of coverage gaps
  • … and probably a few more reasons we didn’t even list here!

In addition to those benefits, if you’ve obtained coverage through a broker they will continue to support you. You will be able to contact their team of experts with billing questions, coverage questions, and more. They will notify you if and when your coverage ever changes, and help you file appeals when necessary. Sometimes pharmacy exceptions occur, and this team can assist you in accessing the medications you need.

Again, this service is completely free to anyone who qualifies for Medicare, so why not take advantage of it? Give us a call to discuss your healthcare priorities, budget, and any other concerns that are unique to your situation. We will help you identify all of the options available to you, and find a plan that best suits your needs.

Posted by PGIA
3 years ago / May 25, 2021

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