What to Do When You Can’t Get a Doctor Appointment

We’ve all been there. You desperately need to go to the doctor, but they don’t have any appointments available. Or perhaps the office is too far away, you lack transporation, or your schedule is too complicated to fit in the trip. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up on getting the attention you deserve for your health concern. Thanks to you healthcare plan’s Virtual Care Benefit, you can consult with a doctor at a convenient time, from just about anywhere!

First, you will log in to an online portal and fill out a basic health questionnaire. This step is pretty much identical to the forms you fill out and sign at a physical doctor’s office, but you complete the questions online. As a bonus, your hand won’t cramp from writing in those tiny spaces, and you don’t have to drive anywhere or wait in a germ-filled waiting room.

Then, you will consult with your physician, either by instant messaging (chat) or on a video call. In some situations a simple phone call might suffice.

If you do need to have lab work performed, you will be directed to a nearby facility. However, scheduling these tests is often much more flexible than a doctor’s office appointment.

If you don’t need lab tests, your doctor will go ahead and give you advice and perhaps a prescription right away. You will be able to select your choice of pharmacy, based on your network and what is most convenient for you.

Not only is virtual care more accessible to more people; it often reduces the costs for all of us. You can fit virtual care into your schedule, eliminate the cost and hassle of commuting to a physical office, and escape worries of childcare or other obstacles that once prevented you from seeking healthcare. Providers find virtual care to be an efficient way to reach more patients, and technology supports a variety of appointment formats.

Next time you struggle with a healthcare concern plus scheduling woes, give your Virtual Care Benefits a try! And in the meantime, call our customer service team if you have any questions about your plan.

Posted by PGIA
1 year ago / April 4, 2023

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