Why Medicare Beneficiaries Should Consult With an Independent Broker

Most of us know that when we turn age 65, we will be required to enroll in Medicare (in most cases). But it’s not just a simple matter of logging onto the website and entering your information. You will face a number of choices with regard to your coverage, such as:

  • Should I enroll in Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan?
  • Which Advantage plan is best for my situation?
  • If I enroll in Original Medicare, do I need a Medigap plan?
  • Should I add prescription drug (Part D) coverage? And which plan is best?

As you can see, Medicare enrollment involves a web of decisions. And you will continue to make those same decisions each year during the Annual Election Period or Open Enrollment Period, because your healthcare needs and budget might change over time.

If that sounds a bit overwhelming, we have good news: You can consult with an independent broker, who will help you sort through your Medicare coverage options. And the best part is that this consultation is free!

Consulting with an independednt broker who specializes in Medicare plans can help you for a number of reasons, including…

  • You can keep your healthcare bills manageable
  • You can access the providers or facilities that you prefer
  • You can avoid any billing surprises
  • You can gain a better understanding of your plan’s benefits and limitations
  • You can learn about crucial windows of coverage, so that you can maximize your plan’s benefits
  • You can hopefully avoid any coverage gaps
  • Access to a customer support line when you have questions about your plan
  • … And much more!

Again, this type of assistance is free to anyone who is eligible to enroll in Medicare. So you might as well take advantage of your broker’s expertise, and discover the Medicare plan (or plans) that works best for you. Give us a call as the Annual Enrollment Period approaches, and we can work together to identify your priorities. Then we’ll match you with the Medicare plan that best provides for your situation.


Posted by PGIA
2 years ago / September 7, 2022

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